Picture frames and finishes at SE1 Picture Frames


Spray finished frames

Spray finished frames


SE1 Picture Frames have a large range of picture frames and finishes available. We specialise in hand finished wooden frames. The most common of which are ash, steamed beach, maple, oak and walnut. All these types of wood have different characteristics and they all lend themselves to different finishing methods.




Ash. A very hard wood with open grain that remains clearly visible once either hand stained or sprayed.


Steamed-Beach. Close grained, uniform colour and texture.  Wide range of stains and sands to a polish.


Maple. Close grained, hard and strong wood with a uniform grain. Looks good waxed or with a light stain.


Oak. Dense, strong wood. Attractive grain markings. Used extensively in the British furniture    industry.


American-Walnut. Fine grain and texture. Colour can vary in each length from dark brown to pink.















Hand finished walnut box frames.

Hand finished walnut box frames.

Within our range of hand finished wooden frames we offer frames that are specifically suitable for stretched canvas’ or dry mounted pictures; tray frames, and frames that are specifically suitable for three dimensional objects with some depth; box frames. We also have a selection of aluminium and pre-finished wooden frames that are specifically geared towards clients on a budget. All our moulding is machine cut for maximum precision and joined using proven methods and techniques that offer maximum strength and protection, this includes using specialist glues, pins, nails, screws and dowels. each profile and type of wood is joined depending on its own characteristics to minimise the risk hair line cracks developing in the corners.

There are five broad categories of frame type that we offer:


1. Hand Finished Wooden Frames


2. Spray finished frames


3. Box Frames


4. Tray Frames


5. Aluminium and pre-finished wooden frames


6. Acrylic box frames and cases


Framed Helicopter blade

Framed Helicopter blade in a stained ash box frame





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