Glazing at SE1 Picture Frames


Museum quality glass example

Museum quality glass example

The function of glass is to protect the artwork and ideally it should not be noticeable. At SE1 Picture Frames, we offer a wide range of glazing options including glass that offers UV protection, near perfect clarity, anti-reflection and more…





Standard Water White glass

Our standard glass is Water White Glass. Unlike regular float glass, that most picture framers use, Water White glass does not have a green cast to it. Because of its low iron content, this glass is crystal clear and offers excellent colour accuracy. We stock 2mm and 3mm Water White glass that has 40%UV protection and 8% reflection.


Anti-reflective – Artglass AR

The main anti-reflecyive glass product that we use is called Artglass AR. This glass looks just like Water White glass without the reflection.  It is 2mm thick, and gives less than 0.5% reflection. There are a range of other anti-reflective glass products that we can get hold of.


Anti-reflective and UV control – Artglass AR UV, Tru-Vue Museum Glass

The two main anti-reflective and UV control glass products that we use are Artglass AR UV and TRu-Vue Museum Glass. Both these types of glass have a UV coating and filter at least 92% plus of Ultra Violet light.  They gives less than 0.5% reflection and come in 2mm or 3mm thicknesses.





Clear cast

Acrylic is a good quality, lightweight and shatter-resistant glazing material. Ideal for the larger frame or where safety is a consideration. Excellent colour accuracy. Available in 2mm and 3mm.


UV Control

Lightweight and shatter-resistant glazing material. Ideal for the larger frame or where safety is a consideration. Excellent colour accuracy with UV control. Available in 2mm and 3mm.

UV control and abrasion resistant

It is very difficult to scratch while much better able to withstand impacts than glass. It’s other benefits include it being light weight, free from splinters and a much reduced level of static compared to other types of plastic glazing. It has UV filters and is available in 3mm.



Glazing options for conservation and museum framing.

For conservation and museum framing we use a range of specialist glass. Our two main suppliers are Artglass and Tru Vue. We offer different glass depending on the requirements of the client. These include: maximum UV protection, maximum clarity, maximum clarity and UV protection, maximum clarity and physical and UV protection.


Museum glass. Artist Will Maw



For larger frames (generally frames over 1100mm x 1100mm) we recommend the use of 3mm glass, laminated glass or acrylic that is lighter than glass and safer.

If you are worried about the fading or discolouration of an image then we would always suggest using a glass or acrylic with a ultra violet coating.

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