Fine art picture framing services


SE1 Picture Frames specialise in contemporary bespoke fine art picture framing services. We offer a range of specialist framing services all to conservation standards as a minimum requirement. Our work shop is equipped to handle a wide range of specialist and bespoke projects. Our experienced team utilise traditional and contemporary materials and techniques including, wood, sprayed finishing, metal, acrylic to realise our clients ideas. Undertaking small and large projects alike, we cater for artists, designers, galleries, museums, photographers and corporate and private clients. Orders range from single frames to framing works for large exhibitions.



Jack Goldstein Records. Framed at SE1 Picture Frames

Jack Goldstein Records. Framed at SE1 Picture Frames


Bespoke Picture framing

At SE1 Picture Frames, our primary concern is to protect and present art work to the highest levels. We ensure high quality and appropriate framing solutions that meet our clients needs. Whether its a print or a drawing, a painting or a 3D object, a poster or textiles, we can find a custom made framing solution for you. Our experienced staff can guide you through the framing options available and help you decide on the right framing solution for your artwork.


Mount cutting
We stock a range of museum and conservation grade mount-board. Our experienced staff can cut a mount to the exact size that suits your needs.


We have a variety of glazing options available ranging from simple 2mm float glass through to the more specialist conservation and museum quality glass or acrylic. If you have a framed image that needs re-glazing we can find a suitable glass or acrylic, cut it to the exact size and fit it into the frame.


Canvas Stretching
If you have a painting or a loose canvas that needs a new stretcher, we can re-stretch it for you. Our experienced staff will make a bespoke stretcher to the exact size required and stetch the canvas over it.


Framed mirrors
If you need a new mirror then we have a range of mirror options available. Come in and discuss your requirements with our staff who can  cut the mirror to the exact size you need and then frame it with one of our custom made frames to suite your interior.

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