Art Installation Tips

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Art Installations: DO’s and DONT’s


First things first, DO care about your artwork and DON’T hang it in direct sunlight or expose it to changes in temperature.  The sun’s ultra-violet rays may damage it and in any event, the light may reflect on the glass frame and prevent you to enjoy the details of your beloved artwork. As to exposure to changes in temperature, DON’T hang your framed artwork over radiators or other heaters; and DON’T hang it in damp areas or poorly ventilated rooms. Heat, moisture and humidity may aslo lead to long term damage and restoration costs which may end up being quite high.


Second, enhance the beauty of your artwork by carefully selecting where to hang it.  DO place it in an already crowded area with a lot of other features. It will help create the right atmosphere in the room. DO also consider the colour of your artwork and your frame; which will be key in enhancing your artwork.  DON’T forget, a frame is a part of your interior design. So DO pick the mood and temperature you want to achieve.


Third, never underestimate how the height at which the artwork is hung is really important. It DOes change the mood of the room and hanging artwork at the wrong height may simply look odd.  So in Museums for instance, the rule of thumb is to hang the picture frame measuring c.155cm from the centre of the image to the floor. Now thats a rule of thumb only, so ensure that this does not look odd on your wall space. Make sure that you DON’T line the top or bottom of your framed artwork with a door or any type of furniture in the room.


Fourth, if you need to hang several pieces of art in one room, make sure you DO frame the artwork first. It does not need to be the same frames as each artwork picks its own frame! If the frames are all the same size, a grod formation is a very trendy look to have. If they aren’t, DO ensure that the gaps between the artwork are equally separated and that their centres are all at the same height from the floor. 


That’s it for now!

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