Framing Paintings at SE1 Picture Frames

For framing paintings on paper refer to the section on prints and drawings. If you need your canvas stretching then have a look at the section on canvas stretching.


Framing Paintings

tray frame1

Framed painting in a tray frame

There are two standard ways of framing paintings when they are on a stretcher. Either a deep box frame where the rebate overhangs the canvas or a tray frame where there is a gap between the edge of the canvas and the frame and the edge of the canvas is visible. Our experienced picture framers, who all come from artistic backgrounds, can guide you through the framing options available and help you decide on the right framing solution for your painting. A good starting point is to consider the style and feel of the painting and what may suit your interior/purpose.


Oil painting on board. Framed in a stained and waxed ash frame with museum glazing

Oil painting on board. Framed in a stained and waxed ash box frame with museum glazing




Although canvases are not usually glazed if placed in a box frame, glazing is an option. UV filtering glass and acrylic is available if you are worried about the fading of the painting. If reflections are a problem then we can offer anti-reflection glass.

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