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Vintage movie poster framed to conservation standards

Vintage movie poster framed to conservation standards


When framing posters, our experienced staff, who all come from artistic backgrounds, can guide you through the framing options available and help you decide on the right framing solution for your artwork. A good starting point is to consider the period and feel of the poster and how the frame may fit with the poster and the interior/purpose. We always encourage to keep things simple.



Sometimes posters have been stored badly, either rolled or folded,  and this can cause problems in trying to get the poster flat during the framing process. Valuable posters will benefit from some kind of reversible backing (see section below on vintage posters). During this process any restoration that is needed can happen. Another option is dry mounting, however this process is not reversible and therefor conservation technique. Often posters are framed without a mount i.e. to the edge of the image. Usually we would use paper wrapped spacers/fillets to separate the image from the glass to avoid moisture build up on the inside of the glass. Alternatively,  on large posters, folded posters, we can use acrylic in direct contact with the poster to hold the folds in place.



Often the paper and inks used in making posters are of a poorer quality because of their mass production. They are therefor more susceptible to damage and fading. To avoid fading inks and yellowing paper, we would recommend the use of UV filtering glass or acrylic.



Vintage posters

When framing vintage or valuable posters we will often suggest getting the poster backed with linen especially on large scale movie posters. Linen backing is an archival poster conservation method. The poster is mounted with wheat paste onto acid free paper, which has been previously adhered to canvas, referred to as “linen” to the trade. This process provides stability to the poster. Lined posters can then be rolled, are ready for framing, and are easier to handle. It is a fully reversible method. We work closely with a specialist supplier of vintage movie posters.


The Dam Busters

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