Hand finished wooden Frames


Our hand finished wooden frames are generally made from hard timbers including: Ash, Steamed-Beech, Maple, Oak and American Black Walnut. Each one of these timbers has its own characteristic. They have different grains, densities, strengths and different abilities to take stain or polish. Our staff have years of experience hand finishing wooden frames and fully understand each of these qualities. We use a range of materials and techniques including water stains, spirit stains, paints, waxes, bleaching, limimg and sealers to create the bespoke frame that you want. We take great care in creating the perfect finish for your frame and use a combination of wood glues, polyurethane glues and dowel systems to prevent corners from cracking. If you require samples then we would be happy to make some up for you. We also provide a gilding service.


Frame finishing materials


When taking a new job there are practical as well as aesthetic decisions that need to be made. We always take into consideration the strength and proportions of the moulding, the overall size of the frame and whether it will need a sub-frame and therefore have the depth to support a sub-frame and the depth of the artwork being mounted. We are also guided by our belief in understatement and simplicity.


If we don’t have the wooden profile that you would like we can usually get it milled specifically for you.


Frame samples


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