Photographic mounting

A photograph is presented best when it is completely flat. The best way to achieve this is through mounting it to a substrate. There are various techniques that can be used and this post will look at the techniques of cold mounting and hot mounting.


Cold mounting is the most common method and it is what we, at SE1 Picture Frames, recommend for most of the photographs that come to us. As the name implies, it is a cold process using pressure sensitive adhesives and rollers. Check out this Suitability chart  for advise on recommended print types and this substrate chart for advise on what substrate to use. Both of these are taken from A.Bliss where we get the majority of our specialist mounting done. When fitting the photograph into a frame, the most popular choice is Kapa mounting (which is mounting onto foam board). When hanging the photograph without a picture frame, the most popular choice is aluminium mounting (which is mounting onto aluminium). This process is not reversible.


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