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Protecting Artwork with UV Glass

Discover the importance of Protecting Artwork with UV Glass and how it can extend the life of your treasured pieces. Learn about the science of UV protection and the benefits of using UV glass in art preservation.

Art is a timeless treasure, but it is not immune to the effects of time. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light is one of the most common culprits behind the fading and deterioration of artwork. However, science has provided us with a solution: UV-protective glass. In this article, we delve into the science and benefits of protecting artwork with UV Glass, and how SE1 Picture Frames ensures that your art remains ageless.

Understanding the UV Threat

UV light is an invisible threat that can wreak havoc on your art. It is part of natural sunlight and artificial light sources, and over time, it causes irreversible damage to colours, inks, and materials used in your artwork. UV exposure can result in:


  • Chromophores: UV light breaks down the molecular bonds responsible for colour (chromophores), leading to fading.


  • Yellowing: Many art materials, like paper and certain pigments, are prone to yellowing under UV exposure.


  • Weakening Bonds: UV light can break chemical bonds in materials, leading to fragility and deterioration.
Protecting Artwork with UV Glass
Conservation Framing Standard: Protecting Artwork with UV Glass.

The Science Behind UV-Protective Glass

The key to protecting your art from the harmful effects of UV light lies in the type of glass used for framing. UV-protective glass is designed to block or absorb the harmful UV rays.

Coated Glass

  • UV-Blocking Coating: Some UV-protective glass has a special coating that reflects or absorbs UV radiation, preventing it from passing through.

Laminated Glass

  • UV-Resistant Interlayer: Laminated glass includes an interlayer that provides UV protection, similar to how sunscreen works for your skin.

Conservation Glass

  • Enhanced Protection: Conservation glass goes beyond UV protection, also providing protection against other environmental factors like moisture and pollutants.

UV-Protective Glass in Conservation Framing

In conservation framing, the use of UV-protective glass is standard practice. It forms a crucial part of the protective barrier around your artwork. Learn more about some of the specialist glass we use in this video.

Acid-Free Matting

  • Complementary Defence: Acid-free matting is often paired with UV-protective glass to ensure the art remains untouched by harmful materials.

Sealed Enclosure

  • Hermetic Sealing: Properly sealed frames prevent dust, pollutants, and moisture from affecting your art.

Climate Control

  • Stable Environment: Conservation framing often includes climate control measures to minimise fluctuations in temperature and humidity, which can accelerate UV damage.

The Advantages of UV-Protective Glass

Art Preservation

  • Longevity: UV-protective glass ensures that your art retains its vibrancy and quality for many years to come.

Value Retention

  • Investment Protection: Preserving the condition of your art also protects its monetary value.

Healthier Display

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: UV-protective glass can also contribute to healthier indoor air quality by reducing the risk of materials emitting harmful chemicals.

Choose UV-Protective Glass for Your Art

At SE1 Picture Frames, we understand the critical role that UV-protective glass plays in art preservation. Our framing services ensure that your artwork is not just framed but also shielded from the harmful effects of UV light.

Customised Solutions

  • Each artwork is unique, and our framing solutions are tailored to match your specific requirements.

Expert Craftsmanship

  • Our skilled artisans use their expertise to ensure that the art is protected without compromising its aesthetics.

Protecting Artwork with UV Glass Conclusion

The science behind UV-protective glass is a testament to human ingenuity in preserving the beauty and integrity of art. When you choose UV-protective glass for your art, you’re investing in a safeguard against the ravages of time and the invisible threat of UV light. Your art deserves to be ageless, and SE1 Picture Frames is here to make that a reality.

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