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Canvas Stretching London

Transform your canvases into masterpieces with our professional canvas stretching services. Perfect for artists, galleries, and art enthusiasts alike.

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If you have a painting or a loose canvas that needs a new stretcher, we can re-stretch it for you. We make custom-made high quality stretcher frames to your dimensions using kiln dried woods, slotted joints and cross bars. Check out our Canvas Stretching services below.

Custom made slotted, kiln dried stretchers

Restretching Loose Canvases

If you have a painting or a loose canvas that needs a new stretcher, we can re-stretch it for you. Galleries and collectors often have artworks that have been removed from an original stretcher, rolled up and transported in a tube. These then need re-stretching. This job requires careful measurement and patience. Over the years our canvas stretching team have stretched many canvases. Our stretchers are individually, custom made to the exact size required, taking the depth of the previous stretcher into account, as well as, the condition of the paint layer, the squareness of the image and any signs that the original stretcher may have bowed. All our stretchers are kiln dried, slotted stretchers and built with cross bars.

Hand painted white gesso, ash tray frame.

Tray Frames

Once a canvas is stretched, it can either be presented as it is or, mounted in a tray frame.

Canvases are not usually glazed but can be placed in a box frame if required. If fading or discolouration is an issue then we would always recommend UV filtering glass or acrylic.  

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If you have a painting or a loose canvas that needs a new stretcher, we can re-stretch it for you. We make custom-made high quality stretcher frames to your dimensions using kiln dried woods, slotted joints and cross bars.

Canvas Stretching Benefits

Preserves Artwork Integrity

Canvas stretching helps maintain the original shape and texture of the artwork, ensuring it remains true to the artist’s vision.

Enhances Visual Appeal

A well-stretched canvas presents the artwork in its best form, making colours pop and details stand out more vividly.

Prepares for Framing

Stretching is an essential step before framing a canvas, providing a solid base that makes the framing process smoother and more effective.

Longevity of the Art

Proper stretching can extend the life of a canvas by preventing sagging and deterioration, ensuring the art remains in excellent condition for years.

Professional Presentation

Stretched canvases have a polished, professional look, elevating the overall presentation of the artwork, whether in a gallery, office, or home setting.

Customisation Options

Canvas stretching allows for customisation in terms of size, depth, and framing options, giving you more control over how the artwork is displayed.

Protects Against Damage

A taut, well-stretched canvas is less prone to damage from environmental factors like humidity and temperature changes.

Enhances Value

Professionally stretched canvases often have a higher perceived value, which is particularly important for artists looking to sell their work.

Ready to Hang

Once stretched, canvases are typically ready to hang, making it easy for buyers or collectors to display the artwork immediately.

Improves Texture and Depth

Stretching can enhance the texture of the paint and the depth of the image, especially in the case of oil or acrylic paintings.

Facilitates Easier Transport

Stretched canvases are easier to handle and transport, reducing the risk of damage during movement.

Supports Large-Scale Artworks

For larger pieces, stretching provides the necessary support to keep the canvas stable and displayable.

Adaptable to Various Styles

Whether it’s a traditional, modern, or abstract piece, stretching is adaptable to a wide range of artistic styles and mediums.

Prevents Canvas Warp

Proper stretching ensures that the canvas remains flat and does not warp over time, which is crucial for the artwork’s longevity.

Enhances the Artist’s Reputation

For artists, presenting work on professionally stretched canvases can enhance their reputation for quality and professionalism.

Canvas Stretching FAQs

What is Canvas Stretching?

Canvas stretching is the process of mounting a canvas fabric onto a wooden frame, known as a stretcher bar, to prepare it for framing or hanging.

Why is Canvas Stretching Important?

Stretching a canvas ensures that the artwork is displayed correctly, maintains the integrity of the piece, and prepares it for framing or direct hanging.

Can Any Canvas Be Stretched?

Most canvases can be stretched, but the process may vary depending on the material and condition of the canvas.

What Size Canvases Can You Stretch?

We can stretch canvases of various sizes, from small personal pieces to large-scale artworks.

Do You Offer Conservation-Grade Stretching?

Yes, we specialise in conservation-grade stretching to preserve the longevity and integrity of artworks.

Can Stretched Canvases be Framed?

Absolutely, stretched canvases can be framed. We offer a range of framing options suitable for stretched canvases.

Do You Provide Canvas Stretching for Artists and Galleries?

Yes, we offer our services to individual artists, private collectors, and galleries.

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Our Workshop

Our workshop is equipped to handle a wide range of specialist and bespoke projects. Undertaking small and large projects alike, we cater for artists, designers, galleries, museums, photographers and corporate and private clients. Orders range from single frames to framing works for large exhibitions.

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